Auntie Anne's Honey Whole Grain Pretzel Review


I’m one of the few women in this world that doesn’t really like going to the mall. I dislike the tons of people, the loudness, and those dang kiosks! I’m always getting roped into letting someone curl my hair or file just one fingernail in an attempt to show me how wonderful their product is. I feel like I always have to be on guard. One of the few reasons I will venture into a mall is for a pretzel. Yep, I cannot resist those big, warm pretzels from Auntie Anne’s.

I’m excited about Auntie Anne’s newest pretzel flavor!

Honey Whole Grain PretzelIF

It’s the perfect blend of whole grain, salt & butter. At only 300 calories or 260 without butter, its not terrible for you either. So, most importantly, how did it taste? It was great! I ordered Wyatt and I’s pretzel sans butter and salt to shed a few calories off. It was soft, warm and very filling.  IF


Feeling lucky? Auntie Anne’s is celebrating their 25th birthday by  hosting a $25,000 sweepstakes! I’m not particularly lucky but couldn’t pass the opportunity up to enter. There is also lots of smaller prizes, which I’d be equally (well, maybe not equally) thrilled to win! You can enter the sweepstakes here. Auntie-Annes-Pretzels-logo

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