BettaSnax Biscotti, a simply delicious choice in snacking


Biscotti Review


I was sent some BettaSnax BiscottiĀ to review this week and have been loving them ever since! They’re one of those guilt free snacks that also satisfy your urge to snack. BettaSnax taste just like a coffee house biscotti but in smaller bite sized pieces. My favorite thing about the BettaSnax Biscotti is the almonds. Each piece has several almond slices, ensuring you get an almond in each bite. IF

I’m a label reader and its rare that I come across a label with such a simple list of ingredients. Check it out!IF

So, in addition to being delicious I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that each biscotti is only 10 calories. It makes it easy to grab a few, quench my sweet tooth and do so without a ton of extra calories. I’ve discovered that I like to serve my visitors a homemade espresso with a few BettaSnax Biscotti’s on the side. I’ve gotten great reviews and everyone wants to know where they can get some BettaSnax for themselves. If you’re wondering the same thing you can find BettaSnax at gourmet and natural food stores.

More great information about BettaSnax Biscotti:

  • No Cholesterol
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Added Fats
  • No Dairy Products

BettaSnax is a family owned and operated business and it really shows in the quality of their product. I received 4 bags of the biscotti and each bag was 100% consistent and perfect. The biscotti was crunchy and had the perfect blend of vanilla & almonds. Simply delicious!IF

I love the BettaSnax Biscotti, my husband loves them and so do the kids. It’s nice to have one snack that the entire family can enjoy. As the availability expands it will be much easier to find these on store shelves but until then you can purchase a case of these (12 bags) for $59.88 on the BettaSnax website.


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