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Blooming Bath



The Blooming Bath is an adorable, plush sink insert that keeps bath-time comfortable and safe. Those soapy babies can be super slippery and having the Blooming Bath keeps them from slipping around in the sink. Blooming Bath comes in turquoise, canary yellow, hot pink and ivory. I was sent the turquoise for review and am excited to share my experience with everyone looking for an easier way to bath their baby.

I prefer to bathe Wyatt in the sink because its easier on my back. I don’t have to bend over the tub to wash him, he’s at arm level when he’s in the sink. Plus, the sink uses only a fraction of the amount of water as the bathtub does. The Blooming Bath Baby Bath fits in most, if not all, sinks and is easy to use and store. On the back of the product is a loop to hang it up and allow it to dry.


I’ve been bathing Wyatt in the sink with the assistance of Blooming Bath Baby Bath and have found it to be wonderful! Wyatt leans back on the petals and its adorable! I can tell it feels great to him and I love that he’s not going to slip around when I use this.


This product sells for $39.99 & would be a fantastic baby shower gift. You can buy the Blooming Bath online or at select retailers. Be sure to connect with Blooming Bath on their social networking sites:

Giveaway: Enter to win a Blooming Bath of your own by filling out the form below. Giveaway ends 03/31/13 – Best of Luck!!

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