Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Review + Giveaway

When shopping for cloth diapers it can be confusing when your confronted with the reality of how many different brands of cloth diapers there are out there. One company that I found that makes a great product with a few extra perks is Glow Bug Cloth Diapers.IF

First of all, Glow Bug Cloth Diapers have really cute designs! The cloth diaper I received from them has a neighbor hood look to it with little houses all over it. When I looked at the Glow Bug Cloth Diapers website it doesn’t appear to me that you can buy individual diapers in your choice of design. You purchase a package of diapers and within in that package is an array of designs. The neighborhood themed diaper is included in the boy package. If you look carefully at my pictures you can see that these are made very well. The stitching is perfect and very durable. IF

The fit of the actual diaper was pretty good. There are lots of snaps so you can adjust the fit to the perfect size. These type of covers are ideal for anyone wanting to use cloth diapers for a long period of time, as they fit for long periods of time. The inside of the diaper is what excited me the most. The liner had a snap that affixed to the inside of the cover. I found this to be very valuable as I have a little wiggle worm who doesn’t like to lay still when he gets his diaper changed. Having the liner affixed to the inside of the diaper cover eliminated me having to try and hold down one more thing. Plus, it made it very easy to just change the liner when needed and be able to reuse the cover.IF


IFGlow Bug Cloth Diapers are reasonably priced and are great for those people who know for sure they are going to use and stick with cloth diapers. On their website they give you some handy information such as how many diapers you should start out with. I found this very helpful because I had no idea how many cloth diapers one child would need. One package of 12 diapers, 18 inserts and a FREE wetbag costs C$150 (Canadian company). The shipping time runs about 2-3 weeks so if you are pregnant you’ll want to make sure you place your order in plenty of time before the birth.

Connect with Glow Bug Cloth Diapers via their website, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. IF

Giveaway: enter to win a Glow Bug Cloth Diaper of your own using the form below. Giveaway ends 02/15/13
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  1. Lori Boyer says

    I do cloth diapering and I have a variety of different brands….Fuzzi Bunz, Bumkins, Imagine, Rumparoo, and a majority of them are Kawaii Baby. Some of mine have a sometimes leak at night (but not always) and some are very thick to so that its hard finding pants that fit around the diaper and some only have one insert so he can only wear those at home because with only one insert, they don’t hold up as well. I would love to find a cloth diaper that can hold up at night, not leak and be thin enough he can wear pants with out looking like he has a “full” diaper. I would love to try out one of your diapers and share my experience with you.

  2. denise says

    I was excited to start cloth diapering with our baby (currently 2 months 3 weeks) and you never know how you will like or dislike a particular brand until you use it daily! We have Gdiapers (thought i’d love them, they are ok, don’t care for them won’t be buying more), BumGenius (they are nice have the aplix, my DH likes them), SunBaby (i bought them from a local person who had extra, not from China! will probably not buy them due to concern for wages etc. but they are ok) and my favorites are Glowbug! the prints are adorable but i love the fit and only 4 snaps to manage, also like that they have double gusset and 2 ways to place/remove a insert! :) seriously my only qualm is that you cannot choose your prints. i highly recommend glowbug! and would love to have more! :)

  3. judi says

    I’ve used cloth diapers at least part of the time with most of my 7 children. I’m currently doing it full time with my 8 month old.

  4. Daniella says

    I have tried many different brands of cloth diapers and the glowbugs win hands down. love them. Also if you check out the glow bug site they have an amazing sale on now till Feb 4!

  5. Katie Fender says

    We’ve been using cloth for a while now and I’ve been dying to get a Glowbug. I just don’t need a whole package. Lol.

  6. Jessica Long says

    I never knew about Cloth with my first and we are so excited to put our next one in Cloth and am already stocking up!

  7. Brianna C. says

    I keep hearing great things about Glow Bug Diapers. I really want to try one before I add some to my stash, they are such fun colors and designs!!

  8. Erica W says

    I am just starting out cloth diapering my third son! I would love to try this diaper and for it to be first in building my stash :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Beth R says

    We currently are cloth diapering and have cloth diapered our oldest since he was born. We love cloth diapers and honestly appreciate the convenience they provide

  10. Irene Sommerfeld says

    I just started cloth diapering and I am trying to find the right fit for my son. These diapers intrigue me and I would love to try them out. I just can’t do a dozen at a time….especially if they wind up not working for my kid.

  11. Amy Menzies says

    We have used cloth diapers since my daughter was born.. But will soon have two in diapers and could use another to get us through.

  12. Rebecca Sandstrom says

    I have cloth diapered all 3 of my children. My 12 month old is currently in diapers and most of the ones we have are Glowbug :)

  13. Michelle Piper says

    Love the glow bugs, trying up win one to try till I have the money to purchase since u have to buy in 6 or 12 at a time!

  14. Britany H. says

    I am currently using cloth diapers with my one year old, we started using them soon after we brought her home from the hospital. I love cloth, it saves a lot of money and is good for her too!

  15. chrissy ervasti says

    My son is 15 months old & we’ve been in cloth
    diapers since we ran out of the newborn samples they gave us at the hospital.

  16. Rachel says

    I’ve only used them if you count wearing them when I was a baby! I am planning on using cloth diapers with my baby though.

  17. Stacey T says

    We’ve been using cloth diapers for a year – since we used up the disposables the hospital sent us home with.

  18. Mim says

    I haven’t tried cloth diapers, but my sister in law did with her second child. They loved them! Also they has a MUCH easier time potty training their second child .

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