How to Make Money While Disabled


If you have recently become disabled and were denied for disability benefits, you will probably need to find an alternative source of income to help you pay for your bills. By the time you begin receiving disability, chances are your income level will have sustained a significant drop.  However, in the interim, you will still need to be able to generate money.

Keep in mind that it is always a good idea to find an experienced attorney like those found at to achieve an approved claim. But fortunately, there are multiple options that people with a wide variety of short and long-term disabilities can take advantage of.
Tips for Making Money with a Disability

1. Copywriting - As long as you have the ability to write coherently and with proper grammar, you could easily find work online as a copywriter. As an added bonus, you will have the option to write as much or as little as you would like. The only caveat is that you should take the time to carefully review all of the available writing opportunities to make sure that you select a company that has a solid reputation for paying copywriters in a timely manner.

2. Home Call Center - Many companies hire people to take or make phone calls for them from a so-called call center that is operated from each individual employee’s home. Because of this, someone with physical limitations could work within the comforts of their home. Those who have strong verbal communication skills are often able to quickly find work in this field.

3. Auction Sites - A lot of people become professional re-sellers on platforms such as eBay. This can definitely be a viable way to make money as long as you have useful products to sell. For example, if you have time to spend on the internet researching and are interested in collectibles such as baseball cards or comic books, you can negotiate the purchase of large lots and then sell them in smaller quantities to make a profit. These types of businesses often require an initial investment to get started, but if managed properly, can provide a great return.

4. Crafting - If you have the necessary skill set and physical mobility to make crafts or useful items such as scarves, you could start selling your creations at online sites such as Etsy and at local craft shows. Although this is not likely to bring in a lot of money, it can help provide you with a relaxing outlet that will help you pay for some of your smaller bills.

5. Medical Transcription - Approximately 60 percent of the companies that employ medical transcribers allow their employees to work from home.  Therefore, this can be an ideal job for a disabled individual who is able to type quickly and accurately. No previous medical experience is required as long as you complete the necessary training, but this is definitely a good option for people who have become disabled while working in the medical field.

It is always a good idea to find something to do with your time after you become disabled. After all, even if you do eventually get approved for disability benefits, you should still make sure that you stay as physically and mentally active as possible to prevent yourself from becoming depressed or unhealthy in other ways.

J.L. Williams is a freelance writer who shares informative articles and resources so that people can make informed decisions about how to proceed. Experienced, quality legal assistance is available at to assist individuals dealing with a disabling condition.

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