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What I love about Marware is that they have the perfect gift for practically anyone. Their enormous selection of innovative iPad, iPod, Galaxy and other smartphone (and more!) accessories ensure that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need on just one site. Some of their items include:

  • Cell Phone Cases for Apple Products (iPod, iPad, iPhone)
  • Screen Protectors
  • Speakers for various electronics
  • eReader cases and protectors
  • Wallet cases

Their vast selection goes on and on! One of my favorite items are the Sportshell Convertible iPhone 5 case. Its multiple functions include being used as an armband, a belt clip, stand and as an everyday shell case. The arm band will even hold a key for you. At only $49.99, its beats buying all those things separately by a mile!

Photo from

Photo from

This is the perfect gift for:

  • Ladies
  • Guys
  • College Students

You can purchase the Sportshell Convertible iPhone 5 case amongst many other cases, protectors, cell phone wallets and accessories on or through Amazon.

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