Melissa & Doug Classic Toys Review + $100 Giveaway

Since having kids I’ve really come to notice the difference in the type of toys available for kids these days. Just 20 years ago I was playing with toys on a daily basis and I can count on one hand the amount of toys I ever got that required batteries or electricity. I know they existed and I’m sure I pined for some of those high tech toys but I did fine without them.

Thinking back on my toys as a child I seem to only remember the more classic toys which is why I was so excited to see that Melissa & Doug has their very own Classic Toy line. Melissa & Doug have been one of my favorite toy makers for about 8 years, so I was very excited to see their modern take of some of my childhood favorites. Wyatt, the lucky guy, is the recipient of some of my favorites from the Melissa & Doug Classic Toy collection.

Wooden Owl Stacker Toddler Toy:  I think I love this more than any of the kids do! That’s not to say that the kids don’t like it though. I picked this toy out for Wyatt but it seems the older boys really like it also. It’s just one of those fun toys that you can take apart and put together over and over again without becoming bored. Plus, who doesn’t love a stack-able owl? Its simply adorable! Recommended for ages 18 months + and sells for $12.99IF

Shape sorting Cube Classic Toy: I couldn’t resist this when I saw it. My younger brother has a version of this when he was a toddler! I remember thinking that it was so much fun, even though I was way past the recommended age range for this toy. I think a lot of the classic toys are this way, they are just entertaining – even for older kids and adults. Recommended for ages 2+ and sells for $14.99IF


Classic Toy Bead Maze: As a child I always looked forward to going to the Doctors office because I knew I’d get to play with the toy bead maze they had in the waiting room. I always wished I had my own as a child. When I saw that Melissa & Doug had this one available I knew Wyatt must have it. I don’t ever let him play with the ones that are in waiting rooms – think of the germs!! I love that Wyatt has his very own and when he’s not playing with it I find myself mindlessly moving the beads along the wires. It’s just a fun, easy, keep your mind occupied, type of activity. This toy is recommended for ages 1 year + but all our kids (up to age 11) seem to think this is “awesome!”. The Classic Toy Bead Maze sells for $29.99.IF

Most important, Wyatt really seems interested in his Classic toys from Melissa & Doug. They keep him busy for long(ish) periods of time which I appreciate. It gives me a break from him trying to rip my face off for a while. I also wanted to touch on the topic of durability. Melissa & Doug toys are constructed in a way that makes them withstand the hours of play time they’ll surely experience. The wood is smooth and the paint is bright! My kids are known to be a bit rough with their toys but Melissa & Doug toys seem to hold up just fine.

Giveaway: Melissa & Doug has been so generous to offer one lucky reader of Dollar Monger $100 worth of Classic Toys. Simply enter using the form below. Giveaway will close on 02/22/13 and a random winner will be drawn via By entering, you are authorizing Melissa & Doug to contact you in the future.








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  1. Becky Bryant says

    Bella Butterfly Child’s Outdoor Chair This is one of my many favorites they have to offer. It is too hard to pick just one. I could have picked a hundred.

  2. Dianna Thomas says

    the little Owl is perfect for Nikki at Christmas–here—

  3. Sherrie C. says

    I know the holidays are over but my granddaughters would love the Santa Claus Magnetic Dress-Up Set.


  4. Sherrie C. says

    My granddaughter would have so much fun with the Switch & Spin Magnetic Gear Board! Thanks :)


  5. Sherrie C. says

    The Low Loader Wooden Vehicles Play Set would be fun also. Thanks for the contest :)


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