Nap Mat's from Posy Lane: You never knew you needed one until you got one

I never really understood the point of a nap mat until I owned one myself. After having one, I don’t think I could ever do without it! No, I don’t use the nap mat myself – its for the baby. Posy Lane sent me a beautiful nap mat with my son’s name embroidered on it. I love that there is no mistaking who’s nap mat this is for – its Wyatt’s!IF

The Posy Lane nap pad comes in handy mostly when I’m not at home. I don’t mind letting Wyatt lay down on our floors at home because I know they are clean. However, when were away from home I like to keep a barrier between Wyatt and the (sometimes) dirty floor. I wouldn’t lay on a floor that may or may not be clean and I don’t want my baby to either. Also, the Posy Lane nap pad is so convenient. Its a soft padding, pillow and blanket all in one roll up pouch. Everything is attached, making it nearly impossible to misplace a piece.IF

Wyatt’s nap pad is camouflage but the have several colors and designs. On the outside of the pad is a large pocket for whatever it is you want to put in there. I keep a diaper inside. Posy Lane is my recommendation for kids nap mats because they carry a really great product. The nap pad is thick, soft, warm and very durable. It’s the perfect size for a toddler and even a 5 or 6 year old. When not in use it can be stored easily in your trunk or in a closet. I keep ours in the back of the van so I’m never away from home without it.

See what happens when I tried to photograph Wyatt using the nap mat? He didn't want to cooperate.

See what happens when I tried to photograph Wyatt using the nap mat? He didn’t want to cooperate.


Because I’ve had such a positive experience with Posy Lane, I’m also looking into purchasing a shower wrap from them. I’ve wanted one for such a long time and was excited to see that they sell those also. Be sure to check Posy Lane out on Facebook for the latest news and coupons!


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