Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment Review + Giveaway

Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment


Keeping my face in tip top shape is a top goal of mine. I want to look fresh and young for as long as possible. You may have read the reviews I wrote for other skin care products I received from Natural Skin Shop and know that I’ve been very pleased with their products. The Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment is the last product I’ve used from Natural Skin Shop and it very well might be my favorite.

Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment is a 2 part product. The first step is to rub your face with the Super Fruit Microdermabrasion. Its a gritty substance that you apply and rub onto your skin in small circles. I paid extra attention to the areas that seem to get flaky on me; sides of my nose and forehead. After rinsing real good I’d blot dry and then apply the second portion of the duo. The Super Fruit Collagen formula is a serum that spreads easily over your face and neck, leaving you with cool and moisturized skin.  refinex

I really liked that it didn’t take long to notice a change after using the Refinex. I’m a very impatient person and I love immediate gratification. After just one use my skin felt different when I’d touch it. It was softer, less dry and my flakiness was lessened. After just a week of use, I noticed my skin tone had evened out, I had ZERO flakiness and my fine lines on the sides of my nose were less noticeable.

I like to get real close to the mirror and analyze my skin. I don’t recommend doing this because you’ll see all kinds of things you’d wish you hadn’t. I really felt like a huge difference in my skin was made when 2 (yes, TWO) people commented on how pretty my face was. Seriously, that’s a wonderful thing to hear. They didn’t pin point it to being my skin but I know that was it – its the only change.

As with the other products from Natural Skin Shop, this product had no noticable scent and caused me no irritation. I’ve used it once a day for 2 weeks straight. Its a wonderful product that I will definitely make part of my skin care routine. The duo costs $88 $76 for both bottles, each being 120ML.

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Giveaway: You can also enter to win Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment by using the form below. Giveaway is sponsored by Natural Skin Shop and will end on 04/10/13. Best of luck!



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