Review & Giveaway: Boylan Bottling Winter Wonderland 12-pack

Boylan Bottling is helping to make the holidays at the Rainwater house extra special! They recently sent me their Winter Wonderland 12-pack to enjoy, and enjoying we are!  The Boylan Bottling Winter Wonderland 12 pack comes with 4 different flavors: Root Beer, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry and Creamy Red Birch. You get 3 of each flavor and they are packed into a Holiday themed box, which is just wonderful.

All of the sodas are made with real cane-sugar and are bottled in glass. You don’t see that very much anymore – it was a super nice surprise  Their vintage themed sodas also taste great! Creamy Red Birch was a flavor I’ve never tried before and wasn’t sure what to expect. It was very good though! My favorite Boylan soda was the Ginger Ale. It has a light, delicious flavor that made me want more an more. In fact, I drank all 3 of them that came in my Winter Wonderland 12-pack.

The Winter Wonderland 12-pack is the perfect hostess gift this holiday season. I love having something unique to present to those that have been kind enough to invite us over. Another good idea for these is to buy a box or two and split the bottles up into gift baskets that you’ve made yourself. Right now and going on until 12/31/12, 10% of all online sales of this item goes towards the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. A 12-pack box is only $15.00 + shipping, making this an affordable gift to send to those out of state loved ones.

Purchase the Boylan Bottlworks Winter Wonderland 12-pack here.

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  1. M HARLESS says

    that is a great selection of winter drinks i would love to try the black cherry boy that would be a hum dinger of a drink

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