Review & Giveaway: Flexinail

I’m a little behind in my Flexinail posting but I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of my nails and the effectiveness of Flexinail. These last 10 days I’ve allowed my nails to grow out. I wanted to see how long they’d get before they started to break. Well, to make a long story short – they haven’t broke! I’m at my limit for how long I want my nails to be so I’ll be filing them down some tonight but I wanted to show you what they look like first.

My nails before using Flexinail – 09/30/12


My nails today – 11/29/12

As you can see my nails are considerably longer. What you can’t tell by looking at them is their strength. They are not hard, but they ARE flexible! Hence the name, Flexinail. Instead of snapping off when hit on something, they simply bend inward and then right back out to their correct place. It is amazing!

Purchase Flexinail: I am 100% confident that Flexinail does what it claims. Purchase for yourself or anyone you know that struggles with dry, cracked, brittle fingernails.

3 month supply – $44.85
6 month supply – $89.70

Win Flexinail for yourself! Simply fill out the form below. Giveaway will end on 12/8/12.


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