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Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn a day? I think about that kind of stuff all the time in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. While on the elliptical at the gym I used to look at the “calories burned” icon and wonder to myself, “is that accurate?”. As it turns out, its not. If you’re interested in finding an accurate number of calories burned, steps taken or distance traveled, its best to use a device such as the Life Trak C200.C200_white and pistachio (HR)-500x500

I was recently sent a Life Track C200 to review and really liked the idea of being able to adjust my workouts based on reading of heart-rate, accelerometer monitoring, temperature and ambient light sensors.

What I liked about the Life Track C200:

  • Its a watch in addition to a health monitoring device. You don’t need to wear a watch in addition to this
  • Simple, attractive design
  • Easy to use
  • Bright back light
  • Allows personalization such as your weight, height, age and gender
  • Adjustable step sensitivity
  • No set-up. Just put it on and go!IF

There are many great features about this product. I really like that you can keep track of your stats for an entire week at a time without it resetting. That is a huge time saver. The Life Track C200 is a unisex product and because of that there are a few things I disliked about it:

  • It doesn’t fit right. There is an adjustable band but my size seemed to need to be in between two of the size settings.
  • Its uncomfortable. The band is really rigid and doesn’t allow easy wrist movement.

I’m guessing the uncomfortable fit is because I have a smaller wrist, but I’m not sure. The plastic band also seems to accumulate a lot of sweat while I’m working out, making my wrist feel clammy and itchy. I love the ease of use that this product provides and all the options it offers. I only wish there was a Life Track C200 that was made and fitted for a woman’s wrist. I offered it to my friend as it doesn’t fit me right and she experienced the same uncomfortable fit. We both noticed that the back of the monitor would not stay centered on our wrist and moved towards the side, making it awkward to see the face. IF

The Life Track C200 comes with a year long warranty which is great and can be purchased online in several colors. Select retailers also carry the Life Track C200, be sure to look for it at Walgreens, Costco, CVS, Amazon, Rite Aid, Winn Dixie and SuperValu. Retail Price: $59.99

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  1. says

    Hello Sarah,

    I first wanted to thank you for your review on the new LifeTrak C200. As I read your review, I noticed you had a problem with the pin plate as you stated “It doesn’t fit right. There is an adjustable band but my size seemed to need to be in between two of the size settings.Its uncomfortable. The band is really rigid and doesn’t allow easy wrist movement.” and I have a solution for you!

    The pin plate (clasp) can be rotated for a more refined fit. You can find the plate (clasp) on the end of the band. Just snap off and place to where it is most comfortable allowing for easy wrist movements and comfort.

    Please contact me if you have any other questions & thanks again for the great review!

    Jessica Cleary
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator

    Salutron, Inc.
    Ph: 510-413-9030 x 170 Fax: 510-657-7334
    Skype: Jessoneofakind

  2. says

    Hi Jessica,

    So, I guess I though you were giving me some sort of tip that would allow further customization of the fit. I think you are just talking about placing the nobs into the holes, correct? I did do that in order to get the product on in the first place. It just doesn’t fit correctly, not one me and not on any of my female friends. If you are speaking of something different I’d love more detail.

    Thank you!


    • A says

      The clasp “knobs” aren’t centered. So you can make it slightly bigger or smaller depending on which way you put the clasp in the holes. For example, looking at the brand name on the clasp will either read right-side up or upside down.

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