Tips For Making Your Clothing Last Longer + Family Dollar Prize Pack Giveaway!

 Disclosure: I was given the same prize pack that is being offered in the giveaway as compensation for my post.

With five kids to buy clothing for, its easy to want to buy the least expensive clothing for them and save a few bucks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way! To save on the costs associated with clothing our family, my husband and I stick to a strategy that involves two parts; quality and care!

clothing tips


We purchase quality clothing that sometimes costs a bit more.

We find brands and stores that carry a good warranty on their items

We look at seams, thickness of fabric and overall design before making a purchase


Cheap laundry detergent might seem like a good idea in the beginning but it does nothing to keep your clothes looking good and holding up for the long run

Quality laundry products can keep colors vivid and stains at bay

Line drying not only saves money on electricity, its much easier on clothing

A lot of our clothing will last us years and even be able to be passed down from child to child (ya, they hate this!). Tide and Gain are both good choices, in my opinion. I love Gain because it smells better than any laundry soap in the world, plus it keeps our clothing in great condition.

Gain & Tide have the perfect product for every family’s laundry needs, including: Gain Flings

An easier way to use Gain. These three-in-one single-use flings include 50% more scent, an oxi boost and the freshness of Febreze, for long-lasting freshness and cleaning power.

Tide Simply Clean & Fresh

  • Offers a dependable clean and superior mal-odor removal

Tide Plus Collection

  • Tide + Coldwater Clean

Coldwater cleaning with whitening ingredients

Tide + Febreze Freshness

  • Provides long lasting freshness with an upgraded scent

Tide + A Touch of Downy

  • Makes clothes feel soft & fresh with an upgraded scent

Tide + Bleach Alternative

  • Removes dinginess and gets whites whiter

Tide + Febreze Sport

  • Removes body soils, odor and sweat stains

Tide + Ultra Stain Release

  • New Tide Ultra Stain Release will help remove 99% of everyday stains
  • Ultra Stain Release is specially formulated with stain removal ingredients that work at the fiber level and has a new pre-treat stain Zap! Cap that lets you use Tide as both a detergent and a pre-treater on tough stains

To help one lucky reader of Dollar Monger experience the quality of Tide / Gain for themselves, there is a giveaway going on! Enter using the form below. Giveaway will conclude on 3/24/14 at 11:59 PM PST.

Winner will receive:

Family Dollar Prize Pack

  • $25 Family Dollar Gift Card
  • Downy Unstoppables
  • Gain Flings
  • Samples from the Tide Plus Collection
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  1. Jennifer T. says

    I try to hang clothes up when possible and not let them run over and over in the dryer.

  2. Marti Tabora says

    I often hang my clothes to dry rather than putting them in the dryer. I think it makes them last longer. Thank you.

  3. Gayle S says

    We love Tide but do not always buy it due to it’s price. My tip would be to never let a stain go untreated. Tide is good at getting clothes clean but some spots will stain without a pretreatment.

  4. Dawn says

    I like to use Gain because it smells great. My tip is dryer sheets in your drawers to keep clothes smelling great.

  5. DESIREE H says

    I like to use cold water to prevent the colors from fading, and stain removing products to get the stains out of my kids clothes.

  6. Anne says

    One tip I keep in mind when doing laundry is to be careful not to use too much detergent. It’s tempting, but more is not better, and using more than necessary can actually make the washing machine less effective.

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