USA Kids Sippy Cup Review: Wyatt's Experience as a 1st Time User

USA Kids Sippy Cup Review

My 14 month old is finally off the bottle. I know that I should have done it months ago (according to his pediatrician) but its really not as easy as people make it seem. In fact, it was miserable for the entire family the first few days he didn’t get his beloved “ba-ba”. It was pretty heartbreaking for me to watch him be so miserable. IF

Last week I introduced him to his first sippy cups. USA Kids sent me 2 of their sippy cups to review and I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce them to Wyatt. I loved that the USA Kids cups are brightly colored and adorned with playful characters. Each cup was able to hold 10 fl oz and was made of BPA free plastic. The no-leak lids are easy to clean and take apart/put back together. IF

The first day I gave Wyatt the sippy cups he threw a huge fit. He cried. He screamed. He threw the USA Kids sippy cups. He broke my heart. I felt so bad for him because he would continually stick the spout into his mouth but nothing would come out. He couldn’t understand that he needed to suck. By the 2nd day he started to get some milk from the cups and calmed down some. A few times when he threw the cups some milk leaked from where the cup and lid connected. I assume the throwing of these cups is not classified as regular or acceptable use of them and that is why they leaked. I didn’t notice any leaking from the cup if it was just tipped over or turned upside down. The cups are durable and insulated which I love! I can see these cups lasting until he grows out of them. IF

After 5 days Wyatt seemed to adapt to the cups pretty well. I think I am going to buy a few more. I saw them at Walmart and they are reasonably priced at about $12 for 4 cups. I also feel safe giving these to my baby because they are made in the USA and meet US safety standards.

Check out USA Kids on Facebook or their website for more product information.

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