I want a bilingual child so I replaced cartoons with Little Pim

Teaching a toddler to speak a second language is quite intimidating! Especially when you consider that they have barely started to speak in their first language, English. I do know that starting a child out by listening and practicing two languages is much easier than trying to teach an adult. For this reason I was really excited to accept a Little Pim Discovery Set for review and use with my (almost) 2 year old. Little Pim has many language options but I chose Spanish for Wyatt. The Discovery Set comes with 3 DVDs and a stuffed panda that is simply adorable! TRU_SPA-plush

  • DVD #1 is all about eating and drinking.
  • DVD#2 is helpful in teaching your child about all the words they’ll use when waking up, nap times and nighttime routines.
  • DVD #3 is all about playtime.

The segments are short, only 5 minutes long. I found that this was helpful in keeping my child’s attention. I used the Little Pim DVDs in place of his usual morning cartoons. It was odd that he didn’t seem to notice the difference from his regular shows. He took right to the Little Pim and was quite excited to see that he could hold his own panda, while watching the same panda on the TV.

The Discovery Set will teach your child 180 words and phrases in Spanish. Subtitles are an option. My older boys also started watching the Little Pim DVDs. Although I think they are a little too “mature” for them they learned some Spanish from them also. It’s a very good program to learn a 2nd (or 3rd!) language. It’s ideal for children because they love the cute characters and bright images.

I highly recommend the Little Pim Discovery Set or the Complete Set if you’re wanting your child to be a fluent speaker of Spanish. The Discovery Kit costs $59.99 or only $34.99 if you want a digital download. Any of the Little Pim products will make the perfect gift to any child in your life or expectant parent this holiday season!

Get 20% off at the Little Pim website by using this discount code: LPHOLIDAY.

Spanish, French, and Chinese Discovery Sets are now available in Toys R Us stores nationwide.

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