Week 14 on Nutrisystem: Getting Back on the Wagon #nsnation #sponsored

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Week 14 on Nutrisystem isn’t one to be proud of. In fact, I only followed the diet about half of the days this week and can definitly feel the consequences of doing so. I didn’t gain any weight, nor did I lose any this week. I’m still hovering at 187 pounds (a 26 pound loss). I think life just go the best of me. I’ve had a cold and sore throat for a few days and in addition to not feeling well myself, the baby got sick. This week was also the first week of summer vacation for the other 4 kids and I was a little overwhelmed to say the least.

Now that week 14 is past me, I’m back on the wagon. I’m feeling 80% better and  am working on a way to ensure I stay on my Nutrisystem plan. It’s really easy to eat the Nutrisystem provided meals and snacks, its finding the time and effort to eat the vegetables that is an issue for me. On Sunday, I purchased the produce I’d need for the week and spent some time prepping it. Having it easily accessible in a grab & go type of container seems to work well for me. I washed and cut up carrots, celery, cucumbers, green peppers and lettuce. Everything is ready to grab and eat or toss into a salad. I purchased pre-washed lettuce this time – its just easier.

For this week I’ve really been liking the Nutrisystem Honey Wheat Bagel. Its thinner than most bagels but tastes just as good when toasted and sprayed with some “I can’t believe its not butter”. I also think this is one of the more filling breakfast items. I like to pair it with a hard boiled egg.


For dinner, I LOVE the Chicken Tortilla Soup. It is pretty spicy but I love spicy food so it works for me. I’ve found that quite a few of Nutrisystem’s entrees have a spice to them. These last few days I’ve skipped the dessert portion of my Nutrisystem plan. It says in the Nutrisystem planner that it is optional. I think that unless I’m craving a sweet I am going to try and pass on the desserts. It seems that once I get a little taste of something good, I want more! I’ve never been great at self control so unless its a serious craving, I’m passing on the sweets.

I’ll keep you updated on my continued progress these next 2 weeks – thanks for all your encouragement!

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Here’s to another great week on Nutrisystem!

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